More stems; more tubers; more yield.

With Restrain Accumulator the apical dominance in seed potatoes can be blocked. The system generates extra yield for seed, table and processing potatoes with the benefits proven since 2004.

With Restrain Accumulator treatment during the storage you will generate a bigger yield through more tubers per plant and a better grading in the cultivation. Further with Restrain ethylene it enables seed potatoes to be stored in warmer conditions without the risk of unwanted early sprouting.

More yield.

Depending on the potato variety and growing conditions up to 20% more tubers per plant can be achieved and emergence is more uniform. More sprouts per seed tube generate more stems. As a result you will get more evenly graded potatoes.


  • Tested on more than 100 varieties
  • Data and efficacy available


The minimum Restrain Accumulator post-harvest ethylene application is 90 days. During the storage time it is crucial to monitor the CO2 level. Daily flushing with fresh air is required.


  • More tubers per plant
  • No mutants
  • Easy and flexible to use
  • Warmer storage temperature
  • Better grading
  • No store modifications required
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Higher yield in your crop
  • Better planning until planting
  • Less management required
  • Plug-and-play system