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How does it work?

The whole concept of anti sprouting onions is based on maintaining during storage of your onions certain levels of natural ethylene gas.

The dynamic ethylene gas is about the same weight as air and will evenly spread to all of your onions in either bulk or wooden bin stores.

The generated low ethylene concentration will be automatically monitored in the store. During the storage time the ethylene production by the Restrain generator stops when a maximum level is reached. Ethylene is produced again once the minimum required level is reached. Onions require 3 days ethylene exposure before the sprouts will be blocked.  If your onions have already sprouted the ethylene gas will block further cell elongation. Fresh air intake at night does not harm the obtained dormancy of the onions.


Will it work in my store?

Yes, in general we can say that our customers do not need to adjust their cold stores.

The Restrain Generator is placed inside your cold store during the whole storage period.

The cold store should not be too leaky. If the cold store is too open, it is impossible to maintain the required minimum levels of Ethylene gas during all the whole period.

With the Restrain Generator you do not need a so-called gas tight CA (Controlled Atmosphere) cold store.
In case of CA store the Restrain Onion generator will be placed outside.

Loading and unloading batches during storage season?

After you have dried and cured your onions, you can start with ethylene treatment.

You can load batches from your cold store at any time. The ethylene concentrations will be built up once the doors of your store are shut again.

Due to the slow respiration of ethylene out of the onions, you can open the doors at any time without any negative effects