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Get set up

The success of Restrain is the simple and reliable system, that can be installed in your store or greenhouse in just 5 minutes.

No store or greenhouse modifications are required. Just plug-and-play. Connect the Restrain ethylene sensor to the generator, power on, set the start date and ready!


Ethylene is a colourless gas that does not smell at low concentrations. It is a simple molecule CH2 = CH2 , that is very volatile (4.2 x 10 6 Pa). At high concentrations above 2.7% (27000 ppm) it becomes explosive, but the Restrain Generator is not capable of reaching even a fraction of that concentration. Thus the use of the Restrain Generator can not lead to explosions. Note however that its fuel is flammable, no open fires (including smoking) or sparks are allowed at refilling.

Ethylene is a natural gas. It is produced in nature by bacteria and fungi in the soil and by all plants or fruits like apples and tomatoes.

Ethylene is a very safe gas. It was previously used for tens of years as an anaesthetic at concentrations of 70-80%. Now it has been replaced by modern anaesthetics, mostly due to the high explosion risk of such high concentrations and not at all for toxicology reasons.
Bananas are ripened by ethylene gas and most apple stores contain 50 to 100 times higher ethylene concentrations than used by the Restrain process.

Ethylene is not persistent in the environment. The half-life of the molecule in the outside air is around 15 hours, due to the action of UV light, which breaks up the molecule rapidly. A release of ethylene from stores does not affect nearby crops, calculations have shown that the dilution with increased distance is so rapid, that the already low concentration used for storage purposes of potatoes and onions, can not have any effects on nearby crops.

Ethylene does not leave any residues on potatoes and onions, once the storage is completed. Firstly ethylene does not penetrate significantly into the foodstuff and secondly its high volatility allows it to evaporate rapidly into the air.

Yes, any fresh produce treated with ethylene can be consumed and/or processed immediately without delay.


How to pack it up

To see just how easy it is to pack up a Restrain Generator click on the link below for a step by step guide