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What we do?

We lease worldwide our Restrain generator systems for the production and maintenance of a continuous low concentration of ethylene gas.

Post harvest at your cold store:

For ware potatoes and onions we achieve a sprout suppressant.

For seed potatoes we increase your yields.

Pre harvest in the greenhouse:

For tomatoes and peppers at the end of the growing season we ripen all fruits on the plant.

Who we are?

We are a dedicated company to produce in situ controlled ethylene gas with sensor technology for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Our experience and technology remains unrivalled since 2003. In 1999, one of the UK’s largest growers and suppliers of fresh potatoes began a project to test the results of storing bananas with potatoes in sealed bags. The results showed very good anti-sprouting results. The vision was born.

Due to the success of the project, the decision was taken in 2003 to set up a dedicated company and Restrain Company Ltd was born.


How we do it?

We now operate around the globe, working directly with end users. There are no limitations as to the countries in which we operate.
We check the business case by product, customer and country.