How it works

During the storage of potatoes it is important to maintain from the beginning till the end of the storage season a specific low concentration of ethylene gas in your cold store.

It does not matter if you store bulk, in big bags, in wooden bins or in jute bags.

The ethylene gas will spread through the whole crop.

The natural ethylene gas suppresses the cell elongation. This we call anti sprout control.
No chemicals will be added, just a natural blockage of growth due to the ethylene concentration in your store.

The Restrain Generator ® is factory preset to maintain the required level of ethylene concentration. The ethylene gas is produced from pure ethanol (alcohol) inside the Restrain Generator ® using a heated catalyst.

The various ethylene levels (concentrations) required during the storage are controlled by the Restrain Sensor ®. This sensor is placed in the air flow on top of the potatoes and signals to the generator if it requires more ethylene gas.

Can it work in my store?

Yes, in general we can say that our customers do not need to adjust their cold stores.

The Restrain Generator ® needs only a cold store that is not too leaky. If the store is too open, it is impossible to maintain the required various minimum levels of ethylene gas during the storage period. The whole concept of anti sprouting is based on maintaining during storage a certain level of ethylene gas. If these levels are not met, than the anti sprouting results will be negative.

Ventilation regime needs to be similar with or without ethylene gas for reducing the CO2 levels.

Can I load or unload batches during the storage season?

For starting the ethylene regime at the beginning of storage, you have to wait till all table potatoes are in the store. The table potatoes need a slow start with limited exposure to the ethylene gas.
This slow start is pre-programmed in the computer of the Restrain Generator ®.

Yes, you can despatch batches from your cold store at any time. The ethylene concentrations will built up again once the doors of your warehouse are shut. Due to the slow respiration of ethylene out of the potatoes, you can open the doors at anytime without negative effects on the anti sprouting. NB the Restrain Generator ® will only consume more ethanol to produce extra ethylene.