How does it work?

The whole concept of anti sprouting onions is based on maintaining during storage of your onions certain levels of natural ethylene gas.

The Restrain Generator produces during the whole storage period in your cold store this natural ethylene gas.

The process in the Restrain Generator is converting ethanol (C 2 H 5 OH ) with a catalyst into ethylene gas (C 2 H 4 ) and water (H 2 O) as a by product.

Can it work in my store?

Yes, in general we can say that our customers do not need to adjust their cold stores.

The Restrain Generator is placed inside your cold store during the whole storage period.

The cold store should not be too leaky. If the cold store is too open, it is impossible to maintain the required minimum levels of Ethylene gas during all the whole period.

With the Restrain Generator you do not need a so-called gas tight CA (Controlled Atmosphere) cold store.

How easy is this to install and operate?

The Restrain Generator is a very compact system (Dimensions: L 46cm x W 40cm x H 52 cm & Weight 16kg) and easy to handle.

An installation inside your cold store is a so-called 'plug and play' operation. Within 10 minutes the equipment is ready for the whole season. You only need a 220-240 V/13A supply.

There are no moving parts in the equipment. For operators it is very basic and easy.

Meanwhile over 200 machines are in use daily.

Restrain can also be used in low oxygen Controlled Atmosphere onion stores with the Restrain Generator outside the room.