17/12/2014. News: Ripen potatoes with Restrain Generator


On the 17th of December 2014 the Dutch plant regulator Ctgb finalised the authorization for the use of ethylene gas, produced by the Restrain system, to ripen tomatoes at the end of the cultivation period.
This is a worldwide industry first. Restrain, the world's only authorised supplier of a generator and sensor system, produces and monitors ethylene gas, influencing the growth phase and optimising tomato cultivation.
The Restrain Generator allows growers to harvest late autumn trusses, ripened, which in previous years typically ended up on the compost heap. This technique increases the end of year yield by up to 1,5 ripe trusses and reduces high energy costs.

Advantages of using the Restrain Generator:

• Greater yield certainty while maintaining quality and tomato weights.
• natural ripening, less production peaks.
• up to one and a half extra trusses of extra yield per plant
• residue free
• saves energy
• Safe
• officially approved by Ctgb

Industry first
Restrain is the only ethylene treatment for tomato ripening permitted in continental Europe.
Today's approval is only for the Restrain generator. Ripening tomatoes with other ethylene systems (like gas bottles, etc) is still a criminal offence in The Netherlands and most other European countries.

Environment-friendly alternative
As preferred by retailers, Restrain is a natural, healthy, zero-residu, environment-friendly alternative to ethephon.

Optimizing profits
The Restrain generator allows growers to time the ripening of their tomatoes to market demand, optimizing their profits.

Read the article in Greenhouse Magazine

For information please contact:
Paul O'Connor
email: paul.oconnor@restrain.eu.com
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Dirk Garos
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